I am lucky enough to have been selected to exhibit in the floral creations category at Chelsea this year – follow my on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates.

My design is inspired by my obsession with the peach spring flowers I grow and a play on “Pitch Perfect”. A hand woven willow framework allows the flowers to rise up out of the urn like music swirling up from an instrument, singing a love song to peachiness. I have chosen to showcase peach foxgloves, ranunculi and colibri poppies as the focal flowers, supported by the harmonies of soft purples, white and pinks. Seasonal foliage provides structural percussion and melody comes from twirling climbers like sweet peas and jasmine. All grown by me without chemicals and completely compostable. I hope that the viewer is struck by the beauty of the peach flowers and is intrigued by how flowers rise up out of the urn on the willow framework. I would be delighted if the viewer is inspired to find their local flower farmer, buy British flowers and use more sustainable mechanics in their flower design.